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Our Brand is culmination of the elements that exist in nature;

The warm and liberating energy of FIRE

The renewing and healing capability of EARTH

The calming and revitalizing presence of WATER

The fresh and enriching experience of AIR

Breathe & Listen

Breathing clean air today is a luxury. With Club Oxygen, you and your family will savour life in a fresh, pure and nurturing environment. You will forget your stress and relax, as we ensure you have the finest amenities, impeccable service, and the most pleasant of surprises that will create the most delightful, and memorable experiences.

Rejuvenate your senses at the most picturesque locations across the country, and allow us to delight you in unique ways.

Holidays for ALL

The Boby Group of Companies (BGC) launches a much-needed, revolutionary enterprise to help realize the dream of a luxury vacation that’s easy on the pocket. With Inclusivity as the focus, we want to make it possible for people from all walks of life to enjoy the best vacations, at the best prices.

The group proudly offers ‘Holidays for All’ with our Club Oxygen initiative as the inaugural offering of Chemmanur International Holidays and Resorts Ltd. At Club Oxygen, we provide luxurious, customized holidays at the most affordable rates. Our guests and their families will enjoy premium amenities, the wonders of Nature and attentive service at our resorts. All this without feeling the monetary pinch, that such services usually command.

Club Oxygen goes beyond mere recreation for families, it brings people together-to experience the magic of the earth under pristine blue skies, while soaking in the golden rays of the sun.

Every service and experience of Club Oxygen is carefully thought through, to ensure unforgettable, unmatched experiences, and delightful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. We are delighted to invite you to savor a breath of fresh air, with our holidays. Our teams assure you and your loved ones of the most wonderful experience, with every holiday at Club Oxygen.

Logo Significance

These represent our Brand values, Coming together in our unique offering of, premium Holiday at WOW prices.


A holiday membership that's close to your heart now!
With the Club Oxygen Assurance you can now pledge years of celebration on special occasions of your loved ones. Prefix your special date for the membership tenure. There can't be a better way to express your love for the ones you care for the most!


  • Top-Up-Lifetime membership. Add days at will after membership tenure ends
  • Low ASF/AMC/ASCF/Utility Charges etc.
  • Multiple room option
  • Apartment Upgrade option
  • Special privilege discounts on food & services @ the resort