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Chemmanur Life Vision

Founded by Dr. Boby Chemmanur, the Chemmanur Life Vision’s purpose is to address the needs of the poor and empower them. Today, our programs and activities are spread across Education, Sports, Medical Aid, Social welfare and more.

Philanthropic activities of Dr. Boby Chemmanur

The group inspired by the Chairman conducts medical check-up and treatment camps, for prevention and cure. We support individuals and families affected by natural calamities with financial aid along with honoring and rewarding the hard work of students.

The group is active in distribution of free food, organizing Mass-wedding ceremonies for economically disadvantaged couples, constructing homes for the poor and other initiatives to better the lives of the less fortunate.

Global CSR Vision of Dr. Boby Chemmanur

This renowned altruistic entrepreneur shares his corporate profits with the marginalised through inclusive and unique methods.

He holds his dream of an India with no orphans close to his heart.